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Burn injuries can arise from any number of situations and often involve innocent children. 

They can arise from post collision fuel fed fires, stove top accidents and industrial explosions.

Burns can be either heat or fire related or arise from chemical exposure or both. Burn injuries are considered to be the most painful injuries.

I have handled several burn injury cases including children exposed to toxic chemicals, defective automobiles that caught fire after a collision and industrial explosions. From the standpoint of prosecuting a legal claim involving burn injuries it is important to begin the process of preserving evidence and documenting the injuries early in the case.

The medical treatment for burn injuries is very painful and often requires debridement of the wound (scraping the burned skin off) in order to facilitate healing. Documenting this process with video and photographs can add significant value to a burn injury case.

Preservation of the evidence leading to the burn injury is also of critical importance.

If you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury as a result of someone else’s negligence please contact me to obtain a free, no obligation consultation as soon as possible.

Burn Injuries