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Libel / Slander / Defamation / Business Disparagement

Libel, slander, defamation and business disparagement claims arise when someone or some entity publishes (shares or spreads) false information about another person or business to a third party. 

If the false information about the person or business causes economic damages to the business or damages the reputation or character of the person or business then a cause of action may exist against the party who spread the false information. 

A cause of action for libel involves the printed or published word, while slander involves the spoken word.  Business disparagement as the term connotes involves disparaging the reputation or character of a business. 

Defamation is a more generic term that encompasses libel, slander and business disparagement. 

I have experience in prosecuting defamation (libel, slander & business disparagement) cases and would be pleased to consult with you regarding your situation. 

Like many other types of cases, a successful defamation case requires evidence of fault or negligence (or in the case of a public figure, malice) evidence of injury caused by the defamation and a source of recovery. 

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