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I handle both first party (your own insurance company) and third party (someone else’s insurance company) claims. 

Under Texas law first party insurance carriers owe certain legal duties to their own insured. 

If you are not being treated fairly or are being taken advantage of by your own insurance company with respect to an injury or property damage claim, then you may have a first party insurance claim against your own insurance company. 

Third party insurance claims (those involving someone else’s insurance carrier) do not involve the same legal duties by the insurance carrier but I have years of successful experience in handling third party claims. 

Third party claims have to be prosecuted directly against the negligent party instead of directly against the insurance company. 

If you have a claim involving an insurance carrier, regardless of whether it’s a first party claim against your own insurance company or it’s a third party insurance claim I may be able to help you recover. 

Please give me a call and allow me the opportunity to evaluate the merits of your claim.

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